GOTV Political Activity Updates

Saturday, Oct. 20 — our final Super Saturday of the 2018 election season with the Abbott, Cruz, and Roy campaigns! Details TBA. These events are tons of fun, the temperature should be ideal for block walking, and wouldn’t it shock the local media to see hundreds of us turn out for this? Questions:

Don’t forget about our Judges!
2018 Texas Victory Chair State Senator Dr. Dawn Buckingham shared this photo of a successful event with the Republican candidates for the Third Court of Appeals and State Representative Paul Workman!

Paul D. Workman for State Representative HD 47, Mike Toth for JusticeJustice Cindy Olson BourlandScott Field, and David Puryear for Texas 3rd Court of Appeals! Huge event tonight in support of strong conservative leadership! Let’s Keep Texas Red!

Support the Travis County Republican Party Ticket!!

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