2019 Club Officer Slate

The Nominations Committee report of the 2019 Officer Slate.

~ Election Process ~

1. The Nominations Committee puts forward a slate of Officers in October.
2. Elections are held at the November meeting.
  • If someone not listed on the officer slate wants to run for an officer position, nominations are taken from the floor.  Then ballots will be distributed and a vote will be taken.  To nominate, be nominated, or vote you must be a 2019 active member with dues paid for 30 days prior to the meeting.  If no one runs against the slate the slate is declared elected.
  • We will have a meeting on Wednesday, November 28th at El Mercado (1702 Lavaca St. ATX) from 5:30p – 6:30p.  Election at 6p.

3. Officers are installed at the December meeting.

You MUST be an active member of Capitol Republican Women in good standing with current dues paid to nominate, run, vote, or be elected to a position.

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