Nominations Call

Officer Nominations

Are you interested in being more involved with Capitol Republican Women?

We have a variety of ways for you to help our club and make an impact!  There are three major ways to help out.

  1. Club Officer – Express your interest in serving as a Club Officer by contacting the nominations committee.  Officers are expected to attending the monthly meeting, as well as, an executive committee meeting each month.
  2. Committee Chair – Serve on the Executive Committee as a Committee Chair.  Chairs are encouraged to attend or call into the executive committee meetings.  These positions are not as time intensive but are still vital to our club’s continued success.
  3. Committee Member – Serve as a Committee Member.  This will help our club take it to the next level!  Many hands make light work so this is a perfect position if want to help but cannot commit a large chunk of time.

THANK YOU to our 2019 Nominations Committee!

Chair, Jordan Taylor, Lauren Lumsden, & Tabatha Vasquez!

Club Leadership

Elected Officers:  President, 1st Vice President – Membership, 2nd Vice President – Programs, Secretary, and PAC Treasurer

  • Nominations Committee offers a slate of proposed Officers in October
  • Elections are held in November.
  • Officers are installed in December.

Executive Board:  Elected officers, the immediate Past President, who shall serve as advisor, the chairmen of the Standing Committees, and the Parliamentarian, who shall serve ex officio without vote.

For consideration to be on 2019 Elected Officer Slate you must email the Nominations Committee at
by 7pm on Tuesday, Oct 2nd.

You MUST be an active member of Capitol Republican Women in good standing with current dues paid to apply for any position.

2019 Club Officers

~ President ~

“Shall preside at all meetings of the organization and the Executive Board, shall appoint chairmen of all standing and special committees except that of the Nominating Committee and any other chairmen designated in these bylaws, with the approval of the Executive Board; shall appoint a parliamentarian; shall serve ex officio as a member of all committees except the Nominating Committee; and shall have general supervision of the work of the organization.”

  • Prepares the Executive Committee Meeting Agenda.
  • Picks up any tasks needed as they arise.
  • Oversees overall messaging and social media.

~ 1st Vice President – Membership ~

“Shall serve as Membership Chair and shall perform the duties of the President whenever the President is absent or otherwise unable to serve and such other duties as the President may designate.”

  • Update and maintain membership lists internally and with TFRW.
  • Submit members to TFRW monthly and coordinate with Treasurer for proper payments.
  • Have membership applications at all meetings and events.
  • Follow up with new and returning members.
  • Recruit members, create membership recruitment events & incentives
  • Provide monthly reports of new active and associate members.

~ 2nd Vice President – Programs ~

“Shall serve as the Program Chair.”

  • Provide and facilitate program ideas.
  • Contact and secure special guests and speakers, greet and introduce them.
  • Ensure proper meeting venue.
  • Create Facebook event for monthly meeting and send initial invites.

~ Secretary ~
“Shall keep a factual and unbiased record of the proceedings of all meetings of the organization and the Executive Board, shall prepare the correspondence of the organization, shall have custody of all records pertaining thereto and shall perform such additional duties as may be required of the office.”

  • Take minutes at all meetings and submit them timely for review and publication.
  • Provide and mail thank you notes for any special guests, donors, sponsors etc.
  •  Write a welcome note to all new members.
  • Manage News of Note google form for important changes of members (births, engagements, job changes, etc.) and submitting that for the monthly newsletter.
  • Contact TFRW for life event cards as needed.

~ Treasurer/PAC Treasurer ~

“Shall receive and be Custodian of all funds of the organization and shall pay all bills upon authorization by the President. The Treasurer shall keep an account of all monies received and disbursed and shall give a report at each regular meeting of the organization to the membership. She shall be registered with the Texas Ethics Commission and shall submit all reports required by the TEC in a timely manner. All records must be submitted at the end of the year for review.”

  • Handle and manage the bank account.
  • Provide monthly statements for the membership to review via email.
  • Create and submit PAC report to the Texas Ethics Commission as required.

2019 Executive Committee

 ~ Standing Committees ~
  • Bylaws – Aids membership in adopting and amending club bylaws when needed.
  • Legislative – Report current legislative issues at meetings; promote participation in bi-annual TFRW Legislative Day.  Provide information for the monthly newsletter.
    • Required by TFRW
  • Political Activities – Collect campaign hours from members and report to TFRW quarterly.  Submit information for the newsletter monthly.  Coordinate club activities and provide volunteer opportunities to help elect Republicans to office.
    • Organize/assist with Welcome Wagon event to freshmen Republican legislators in January.
    • Required by TFRW
~ Special Committees ~
Required by club bylaws
  • Finance Committee – Shall draw up a projected budget for the fiscal year and submit it to the membership for approval.
  • Internal Review Committee – Shall be selected to conduct an internal review of the books by December 31 of the fiscal year and shall submit its report to the Executive Board prior to the regular meeting in January. The Treasurer shall be present at the internal review of the books.
~ All Other Committees ~
  • Awards – Ensure Club follows the written requirements for receiving the TFRW John Goodwin Tower Award and other awards.
  • Caring for America – Organize donations and volunteer efforts on behalf of charities in the community; track hours spent on projects.
    • One annual event is for Child Abuse Awareness Month in April.  Organize for donations collection and drop off, as well as a special event.
  • Flyer – Recruit and assign members to flier the Capitol building for monthly meetings and special events.
  • Fundraising – Offer ideas and organize fundraising events.
  • Hospitality – Schedule greeters, transport and setup of banners and print sign-in sheets for each meeting.
  • Newsletter – Managing club email lists and distributing current club information to members several times a month through email newsletter.
  • Parliamentarian – Advise on meeting procedure.
  • Social Media – Keep all social media accounts up to date with information for our club and other Republican groups and candidates.  Ensure good engagement through consistent messaging. Help created graphics to promote meetings and events.
  • Travis County Party Liaison – Attend all county party (TCRP) executive committee meetings.  Provide reports and relay needs to the club about events and meetings of the party.  Announce any Capitol RW meetings or events at the TCRP meeting.  Coordinate with TCRP and Capitol RW Political Activities Chair.  Will automatically be on the Political Activities Committee.
  • Website – Maintain and update the website with content and contact information.  Includes posting monthly newsletters, events, and any other items required.  Help created graphics to promote meetings and events.
All Committee positions are appointed by the President
and confirmed by the Officers.

Committee Members

All committees listed above can be even more impactful with
committee members

Other committees chaired by officers to help them execute their duties:

  • Membership
  • Program
  • Special Events
  • Treasurer

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